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The Project

Construction of the Downtown Connector destroyed communities and has left Downtown Atlanta disconnected for decades. The Stitch will repair this damage by reconnecting the community via an equitable, green, and vibrant center.

The Stitch is a transformational civic infrastructure investment needed to reconnect Downtown and Midtown Atlanta. Once implemented, the Stitch will create approximately 14 acres of urban greenspace and transportation enhancements atop a new, 3⁄4-mile platform spanning the Downtown Connector between Ted Turner Drive and Piedmont Avenue.

The Stitch will “Cap the Connector” to unite all parts of Atlanta through interconnected parks, plazas, and surface streets for walking and biking. The Stitch creates new public gathering places for the community to come together and thrive.

Project Goals

Estimated Project Timeline

*Subject to refinement as planning & design of the Stitch progresses

Planning2022 - 2023
Engineering & Design2024 - 2026
Phase 1 Construction2026 - 2030

Project Plans and Progress

The 2015 Stitch Vision Plan articulated a vision for the cap and the new urban neighborhood it would generate. The vision plan subdivided the new park into a series of three distinct yet connected spaces: Hospital Square, Peachtree Green, and Energy Park.

The design and character of these spaces are yet to be defined through further community and stakeholder input, but the sections below reflect the potential feel and uses that these spaces might have.

Hospital Square

Hospital Square will be a dynamic urban plaza anchored by St. Luke’s Episcopal Church to the east the Civic Center MARTA Station to the west. With Emory University Hospital Midtown’s planned expansion in the area, the Hospital Square area will create an iconic gateway to the MARTA system and create an inspiring area for visitors.

Peachtree Green

Peachtree Green could become an active greenspace surrounded by park-oriented development. In the Peachtree Green area, the previously disconnected grid will be repaired on Alexander Street and Currier Street. Previously one-way travel on Courtland Street and Piedmont Avenue will be returned two-way operations and include pedestrian and bicycle enhancements.

Energy Park

Energy Park will be the Stitch’s front yard connecting the Old 4th Ward, the Civic Center site, Georgia Power’s headquarters, and the Hotel District via a verdant and dynamic park.

Looking Ahead

Several studies to understand the project's technical feasibility and implementation strategy have been completed to-date on the Stitch.

The Stitch will kick-off the next phase of advanced planning and conceptual design in 2023. This will include robust community engagement to define the project's look and feel, goals, park master plan, programmed uses, and amenities.

Project History


Downtown Master Planning

Following the deaths of two prominent former mayors of Atlanta, Ivan Allen Jr. and Maynard H. Jackson, the notion of expanding and connecting Mayor's Park at the corner of Peachtree Street and Ralph McGill Blvd emerges. This results in the collaborative development of a concept to 'cap' over I-75/85 with new programmed park space.


Stitch Vision Plan Released

ADID commissioned a study to revisit the cap idea. The resulting plan expanded the vision geographically north to Civic Center MARTA station. This resulted in the current project extents and the project name “The Stitch.”


Building support and testing feasibility

ADID formed an advisory committee among funding partners and stakeholders to guide the next stage of predevelopment work. The work resulted in technical feasibility studies and implementation recommendations. This plan found no "deal-breaking" engineering issues with current plans for the Stitch and helped better understand the project's technical and cost requirements.


Awarded Federal Grant Funding and Start of Advanced Planning, Design, & Engineering

ADID shares Implementation Plan recommendations, builds support for the project, and pursues funding support for the next phases of pre-design and concept development. The Stitch is awarded grants from the Atlanta Regional Commission, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and USDOT. This funding is currently being utilized to shape the design of the Stitch and advance the project. The project team is also actively pursuing other grant sources, such as the USDOT Reconnecting Communities Grant Program, with match funding support from the City of Atlanta and ADID.